Does Viper Spring Technologies offer a Military Discount?

Yes, Viper is committed to providing the men and women of the US Military with the best possible product pricing and customer service we can offer. Please visit link: and complete the form to receive an instant VST [...]

Do you make lift coils for my truck?

All springs we sell are for 2.0 and 2.5 sized coilover shocks. We do not make larger coilsprings to replace your current factory coils. Future plans DO include offering replacement coils for both lifts and [...]

Do you make springs in custom colors or sizes?

Currently, all of our springs are available in Black or Red only. In order to be able to stock as many springs as we do (in excess of 15,000 springs at all times) we have [...]

What if I order the wrong size/rate springs?

We offer a one time spring exchange to help you get the correct setup you need. You pay the shipping for the return of the springs you want to exchange and the shipping on the [...]

What size springs do my shocks need?

2.0 sized shock will use a 2.5"ID coilspring. A 2.5 sized shock will use a 3.0"ID coilspring. The spring lengths can vary, but in most cases you'll use at least twice the length in springs [...]

How do I know what springrate I need?

Springrate will vary with the amount of travel you have, the ride height you want and planned use. Check out our springrate calculator to see what info is needed to accurately figure the needed springrate. The [...]